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Smith’s Food & Drug became a Community Partner in 2010. NMAFB received a large grant from the State of New Mexico to purchase food. Smith’s worked with NMAFB to purchase large quantities of food at their cost and assisted with the acquisition and delivery of more than 12 truckloads of food.

The State of New Mexico has always partnered with NMAFB on the TEFAP program and the Fresh Produce Initiative. In 2010, the state also gave a grant of unspent stimulus funds totaling $950,000 to help New Mexico food banks acquire more food and pay for the fuel to deliver that food across the entire state. That grant resulted in more than 1.5 million pounds of food which was distributed in 2011.  The fresh produce funds that we receive have enables us to expand our fresh produce program from under 4 million pounds to just over 11 million pounds in FY2017.

Walmart   has worked with NMAFB since 2010, providing more than $300,000 to support our Fresh Produce Initiative.  Walmart funding has helped us acquire state of the art cold storage technology to extend the life of our donated produce, and just donated money for us to buy a refrigerated trailer.the Fresh Produce Initiative.

These generous partners allow us to continue to expand our efforts to provide access to fresh, healthy food for New Mexicans in need. To learn more about how you can partner in this important mission, please contact us.

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